About Us

Our History

Shooting Stars Foundation began five years ago, with a young student channeling his passion and dedication to make a difference in his community. Now, his vision has spread across the globe, and transformed the lives of first-generation college graduates. Innovative high school leaders in the U.S. spearheaded campaigns to raise funds and sponsor financial scholarships for college scholars around the world. Propelled by donations, those college scholars intensified their dedication to academics and were free to pursue their dreams.

Our Team

Board of Directors

Latha Narayannan

CEO and Co-Founder

Committee Leadership

Subha Singaram

Portland Program

Meena Vellayapan

Donors Relations

Jagan Borra


Ansh Gupta

2020-2021 Youth President

Prashanthi Tallapaneni

San Ramon Program

Dheepa Nanduri

Annual Report

Kevin Lee

Tech Program

Elisa Muresan

Officer Management

Vijay Ilavarasan


Youth Leaders

How It All Started

When I was a 7th grader, bored over the spring break holidays, my mom insisted that I help my younger brother with his state tests – I came up with sample questions and gave him a refresher just before the exams. After seeing how I helped my brother, I received interest from a few family friends. They began to send their kids and said they would even pay for it!

After a couple of years, I was introduced to Akhil Ganti who in turn introduced us to a larger local community that helped us launch our non profit – Shooting Stars Foundation. The programs we offer to elementary school students locally started with common core curriculum and public speaking. It has now expanded to a variety of unique STEM enrichment programs. With the funds raised we sponsor college education in underdeveloped countries.

– Ajjit Chidambaram Narayanan, Co-Founder